Archer Sports Management | Roar
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Our goal is to transform and enhance the customer’s experience for every stadium, team and venue. Roar enables you to interact, communicate and empower your users by offering a multitude of services and features directly to their smartphone.

By becoming a truly ‘Smart Stadium’ Roar enhances the fans overall experience, captures valuable data while improving business performance.

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Revenue Generation

Communicate specific discounts, promotions and incentives directly to the customers mobile device

Sponsorship Enhancement

Provide commercial partners with an exciting new vehicle to activate sponsorship campaigns and communicate directly to their customers.

Data Capture/Analysis

Capture key pieces of data to identify customer preferences and purchasing habits.


Provide a digital platform to create a more effective and efficient ticketing process.

Fan Engagement

Improve the overall experience by empowering fans and customers with features such as audience polling or competitions.

Social Media/News

Link to your social media and allow customers to interact and promote their experience.