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Unlike some prominent advertising methods, sport sponsorship can provide brands with a powerful vehicle to advertise and connect with existing and potential customers, while demonstrating core values and beliefs.


It is our mission to provide a 360-degree service to brands and sports entities to create strong, lasting and mutually benefiting partnerships.


Due to sports emotional presence along with endless drama, there is nothing quite like sport advertising. Tying your brands identity to an athlete, team or sport as a whole, can bring with it associations with highly desirable brand attributes including passion, vitality and the quest for excellence, by utilising the emotional values as powerful drivers of brand relevance, consideration and loyalty.


The nature of sponsorship can provide brands with long term value and affiliation, such as the consumers emotional response and attachment to a sponsoring company, particularly where there is a meaningful contribution to individuals, communities and events through its sponsorship.



A graduate in Sports Management (BSc hons) and an Agent advisor of Sports Management Worldwide, Jon has already established himself within the sports industry by most recently working for Creative Artist Agency, the largest sports and entertainment agency in the world.


Co-Founder/Managing Director

A graduate in Sport Management (BSc Hons) and Agent Advisor with SMWW, while recently working with PLB in London, Ben has a wealth of experience in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.


Co-Founder/Managing Director

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